February 2018

https://tinyurl.com/ydcmxlkv  ACOG Committee Opinions #166 and #214, the 2000 Amendment (SB 1479) to the LMPA of 1993 and the midwifery Standard of Care ~ Limitations imposed by AB 1308 in 2013 that repealed the standard of care and statutorily denied ‘patient autonomy’ and ‘self-determination’ to essentially healthy childbearing women The Standard of Care for California Licensed Midwives (SCCLM) was […]


https://tinyurl.com/ybvde6cx ~ This URL links to Parts 1. You can access Part 2 by clicking the link at the bottom of Part 1.  The story behind the 1993 Licensed Midwifery Practice Act and organized medicine’s 2013 amendment to the LMPA that irrationally restricts access to care by Ca LMs The California Licensed Midwifery Practice Act was introduced in 1993 by Senator Lucy […]

tinyurl.com/ybvde6cx Safe, cost-effective Childbirth in the 21st Century Healthy childbearing women and their babies are always safer when the mother-to-be receives regular prenatal care during pregnancy, is cared for by a trained and experienced birth attendant throughout active labor, the birth of her baby, the immediate postpartum-neonatal period and initial breastfeeding and that both new mother […]