~ faith gibson ~ written 2002, revised Sept 2007, posted on Jan 2020 I am one of the few individuals in either the midwifery community or the employ of the Medical Board who has been involved full-time in the legal and legislative issues of California midwifery before, during and after the passage of the […]

Easy to share link –> An illegal action by California’s Sutter Health {Oct 2018} defined by NAFTA as an “disguised restriction of services“ An unfair & illegal business practice by California state law B&P Code 17200 – 17209 Below is: Transcript of  an official Obstetrical Consent Form dated 10/08/2018 Politician Action Plan for California […]

{ 0 comments }  ACOG Committee Opinions #166 and #214, the 2000 Amendment (SB 1479) to the LMPA of 1993 and the midwifery Standard of Care ~ Limitations imposed by AB 1308 in 2013 that repealed the standard of care and statutorily denied ‘patient autonomy’ and ‘self-determination’ to essentially healthy childbearing women The Standard of Care for California Licensed Midwives (SCCLM) was […]

{ 0 comments } ~ This URL links to Parts 1. You can access Part 2 by clicking the link at the bottom of Part 1.  The story behind the 1993 Licensed Midwifery Practice Act and organized medicine’s 2013 amendment to the LMPA that irrationally restricts access to care by Ca LMs The California Licensed Midwifery Practice Act was introduced in 1993 by Senator Lucy […] Safe, cost-effective Childbirth in the 21st Century Healthy childbearing women and their babies are always safer when the mother-to-be receives regular prenatal care during pregnancy, is cared for by a trained and experienced birth attendant throughout active labor, the birth of her baby, the immediate postpartum-neonatal period and initial breastfeeding and that both new mother […]

Why CALM, CCM & C-FAM (you too we hope) is opposed to California senate bill 457 The California Nurse-Midwives Association and the California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM) stand together in opposition to this bill. CALM is opposed because: This bill, which is being promoted by anti-midwife physician groups, drastically reduces the scope of practice for […]


Identifying the real dangers of normal childbirth in healthy women Links to previous posts for: Part One, Part Two, Part Three When it comes to identifying the actual dangers associated with normal childbirth in a healthy childbearing population, the American public and a majority of the medical profession frequently see dangers where there are none, […]

Part 3 (of 3) The Silent Third Partner: Parental Decision-Making and how the ethical and legal rights of parents to make medically unpopular or unwise choices may result in preventable neonatal mortality and how that aspect is routinely ignored in studies conducted on the relative  safety of OOH birth services.   In regard to safety […]

Part 2 (of 3) Click here read part 1 ~ Identifying the real dangers of normal childbirth in the 21st-century Safety & the maternity-care continuum in an essentially healthy population Two kinds of data are required to intelligently determine if the current configuration of medical and midwifery care is making the kind of cost-effective contribution […]

Part 1 (of 2) 01-28-2020 Prologue: How 19th-century obstetrical thinking still dominates childbirth practices in the United States Why understanding the history of obstetrics is the first step in creating a 21st-century maternity care system for healthy women based on the principles of physiological support for normal childbirth The Basic Problem: Misplaced fear, lack of […]