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NOTE: This essay has become far too long for its previous title as a “Short” History of Midwifery. Since it covers more than 165 years of sociology, the politics of organized medicine, and legislative history of both non-nurse and nurse-midwifery, I still think its ‘short’ but many of my readers didn’t agree. I’m currently editing […]

By faith Gibson, LM, CPM ~ former L&D nurse, mother, grandmother, childbirth educator, birth activist, professional community midwife, and a person who is never afraid to hope for a better future Healthy women with normal pregnancies living in developed countries generally have no reason to worry about the basic safety of normal childbirth. Since pregnancy is […]

Link back to part 2: How to tell the difference between midwifery care & the idea of ‘performing a delivery’ ~ background & context: part 2 The customary care of a midwife begins by providing prenatal care over the many months of pregnancy and developing a personal relationship with the mother-to-be. During the intrapartum (labor, […]

link back to part 1 ~ Written Testimony-Sunset Review: Do midwives ‘perform deliveries’ plus controversy over mfry assistants Legal distinctions between: * the lawful assistance by California-licensed midwives during a normal childbirth * the obstetrically-based surgical procedure of ‘performing a delivery’ while being assisted by non-credentialed ‘lay’ person during a ‘delivery’ as seen from the perspective […]

The following is an excerpt from my written testimony submitted for the California Legislature’s record relative to the Sunset Review 2013. Feel free to use any part of this in your own written (or oral) testimony. The first hearing will be March 11th, but that will NOT be the end of the -midwifery-related activities of […]

LINKS to original sources for historically crucial document Section One Copy of CCM letter to CEO of a California hospital  relative to the issue of physician supervision Enclosures for above letter #1  BMJ study on Planned Home Birth, as reported in ObGynNews July 15, 2005 #2  “Cesarean Birth Triples Maternal Death Risk” – CNN report on “Postpartum Maternal Mortality […]

Link to the original historical document A MIDWIFE’S CODE of PRACTICE No 1. — Midwife/Doctor Relationship The Midwives Act, 1951, give statutory recognition to the position of the midwife as a professional practitioners in her own right. The Board consider the responsibilities of the doctor and the midwife are so inter-related and complementary that the […]

The Idea that it was “illegal” for LMs to preceptor midwifery students Late in the spring of 2004 I began to hear a ‘rumor’ that the midwifery program staff person, which at the time was Teri Kizer, was telling people that it was “illegal” for a licensed midwife to have a midwifery student. I dismissed […]


The LMPA set the stage not only for the licensing and practicing of LMs but also for the many facets of midwifery training and the educational relationship between practicing professionals and students of the art and discipline of direct-entry midwifery. The MBC’s Midwifery Licensing Implementation Committee ~ 1994-95 The LMPA identified the MBC as the […]


Compiled from expert testimony provided on March 29th , 2006 by faith Gibson, LM CPM The first area of interest is the implementation and administration of the licensed midwifery program by the Medical Board of California (MBC) from March 1994 to December 2004. The second are the standard practices within the California community of the licensed […]