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Easy to share link –> http://tinyurl.com/y3yeju59 An illegal action by California’s Sutter Health {Oct 2018} defined by NAFTA as an “disguised restriction of services“ An unfair & illegal business practice by California state law B&P Code 17200 – 17209 Below is: Transcript of  an official Obstetrical Consent Form dated 10/08/2018 Politician Action Plan for California […]


Why CALM, CCM & C-FAM (you too we hope) is opposed to California senate bill 457 The California Nurse-Midwives Association and the California Association of Licensed Midwives (CALM) stand together in opposition to this bill. CALM is opposed because: This bill, which is being promoted by anti-midwife physician groups, drastically reduces the scope of practice for […]


Identifying the real dangers of normal childbirth in healthy women Links to previous posts for: Part One, Part Two, Part Three When it comes to identifying the actual dangers associated with normal childbirth in a healthy childbearing population, the American public and a majority of the medical profession frequently see dangers where there are none, […]

Here is a link to ACOG Comm-Opin#669_PHB_Aug2016 — the obstetrical profession’s most recent, and in my opinion, most ‘honest’ statement about professionally-attended and planned OOH childbirth. ACOG’s new opinion lists both pros and cons, which is a first. Many of the studies that the authors used were seriously flawed — for example data from Pang 2002 study and Wax […]

California College of Midwives Standards & Guidelines ~ Section Four ~ October 2004 A Clarifying & Statistically-relevant Definition of a Midwife-attended “Planned Home Birth” for practical, political, policy purposes A professionally-attended and planned home birth with a licensed midwife is intentional –– that is, a thoughtful and informed decision mutually made by the parents and […]

A Better Way ~ opportunities to improve the maternity care & the VBAC situation in California: What society needs is a rational system for providing ‘mother-baby-father-friendly’ maternity care, one that functions logically for childbearing families by meeting their practical as well as biological needs. The goal is nothing less than affordable, accessible, women-centered, mother-baby friendly […]

Work-n-Progress ~ last edit Aug 18, 2015  The Magnitude of the Post-Cesarean Problem in California and its affect on childbearing women and their midwives Over 600,000 babies are born in California every year. With a 33% Cesarean section rate, around 200,000 women are added to the post-Cesarean/potential VBAC pool each year. Not all of them […]

Part 3: Ethical, Economic, and Personal Costs of a high-Cesarean/low-VBAC rate As fully described in Part 2, the multiple serious complications caused by placenta previa and/or and placenta accreta-precreta are not routine childbirth problems that are prevented by new obstetrical technologies or easily solved by modern obstetrical techniques. Instead they are extremely serious, often life-threatening […]

Part 2: Risk of Primary and Repeat Cesareans and the Unintended Consequences of VBAC bans by hospitals and obstetrical groups As discussed in part 1, hospitals and obstetricians attribute policies banning VBAC to their concerns over possible lawsuits. Viewed from this perspective, there may be a legitimate economic reasons for hospitals and obstetrical practices to […]

 The VBAC Controversy and Ca LMs Part 1 ~ VBAC in California ~ Access-to-Care & Denial-of-Service Issues Adapted and expanded upon from Jan Kemal’s VBAC article posted on the Science & Sensibility website http://www.scienceandsensibility.org/?s=vbac Introduction: Cesarean section is the single most frequently performed major surgery in the world today. The CS rate in the US, which is […]