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A possible win-win for mothers and midwives vs. business-as-usual Since the 1980s, most L&D units have ‘permitted’ unmedicated women to get out of bed, and fathers and family members are now ‘allowed’ to present for the birth, but this only returns us to the central theme for many contemporary women – the absence of an […]


Part 3 ~ Turning a backlash into forward action ~ women’s groups plan to acknowledge and protect the human dignity of childbearing women As judged by worldwide standards, the historically poor performance of interventive obstetrics in the US represented an uncritical acceptance of an unscientific premise — a ‘one-size-fits-all’ obstetrical model that repeated and continually fails to distinguish between healthy […]

Historical overview For centuries obstetrics was simply a general part of medicine. Since it did not include any advanced training in reproductive surgery, the skills of the average family practice doctor were not all that different from the typical practice of midwifery. In colonial American, childbirth services were split 50-50 between midwives and MDs. Before […]

August 9th, 2005 Members of the California College of Midwives’ believe the three principles identified below are non–negotiable. ONE: The basic human and constitutional right of healthy, mentally competent adult women to make the full range of health care choices that fall within a normal pregnancy, labor and birth cannot be bargained away by either […]


The original (1917) California licensing provision for direct-entry midwives did a splendid job of modeling language for highly effective and ethical legislation for the practice of tradition (i.e., non-medical) midwifery in our State. Each use of a critical word or phrase was followed, in the very next sentence, by a specific and expanded definition of […]


News Flash #1 ~ Tosi Marceline is newest LM member of the Midwifery Advisory Council News Flash #2 ~ Constance Rock and Sara Davis gave their report on the most updated version of AB 1308 during today’s Midwifery Council meeting (webcast available on line!) They had extraordiary news, but remember that AB 1308 is still a bill, […]


The following video is Numer Ono in my oral history project. I think the verbal telling these stories, along with links to historical resources, pertinent documents and other materials, is a “Best Practices” when it come to both the history and the politics of midwifery. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmuK5IP41fw[/youtube] That said, the following video is kind of boring […]

This is a re-posting of the last half of yesterday’s report on the Council meeting.  I am troubled by ACOG’s proposals for a couple of reasons As many of you know, I organized a professional liability insurance consortium that covered 55 LMs and CNMs providing OOH birth in three states (Ca, NM, Fla) for three […]

Sunset Review reports provided by Medical Board staff, ACOG lobbyist, and the CMA TIme line for Sunset Review bill ~ language not available until April, must be passed by June 6th ACOG introduces AB 1308 to amend LMPA and ideas for malpractice coverage of midwives under the Affordable Care Act 2009 (Obama care) Faith Gibson […]

I am posting the Licensed Midwife Annual Report 2007-2010 Summary here. It is an overview which I compiled of the data from our 2007-2010 Licensed Midwife Annual Report. There is a title/cover page explaining that these are raw data, not research and not a study. Unfortunately, the file displays the report in landscape because otherwise the data does […]