Why I Resigned from the MBC’s Midwifery Advisory Council ~ Video

The following video is Numer Ono in my oral history project. I think the verbal telling these stories, along with links to historical resources, pertinent documents and other materials, is a “Best Practices” when it come to both the history and the politics of midwifery.


That said, the following video is kind of boring to just sit and watch. As oral history, it more for listening than watching.

Personally,  I played the original footage while cleaning off the top of my messy desk. An alternative would be to take your laptop to the kitchen and listen while you fix dinner.

Future videos will include interviews, graphics and one hopes, a more interesting format.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first of many opportunities to memorialize the historic or “legacy’ pratice of midwifery, and the story of our struggle from an outlaw group of persecuted and prosecuted ‘lay’ midwives  to licensed midwives who have so far won many battles.

However, we haven’t yet won the right to vote — that is, to be fully functional professionals in control of our own profession and in charge of our own individual pratice with out have to grovel and beg to get access necessary medical care for our clients and their babies.