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~ faith gibson ~ written 2002, revised Sept 2007, posted on Jan 2020 I am one of the few individuals in either the midwifery community or the employ of the Medical Board who has been involved full-time in the legal and legislative issues of California midwifery before, during and after the passage of the […]

Part 2 (of 3) Click here read part 1 ~ Identifying the real dangers of normal childbirth in the 21st-century Safety & the maternity-care continuum in an essentially healthy population Two kinds of data are required to intelligently determine if the current configuration of medical and midwifery care is making the kind of cost-effective contribution […]

The best way to understand the contemporary politics of allopathic medicine in California is to peek behind the curtain of our state’s modern-day Medical Practice Act to its original 1876 “Healing Arts Act” and California’s first attempt to legally define and regulate the use of the word “doctor”. So here is a brief historical account […]


By faith Gibson, LM, CPM ~ former L&D nurse, mother, grandmother, childbirth educator, birth activist, professional community midwife, and a person who is never afraid to hope for a better future Healthy women with normal pregnancies living in developed countries generally have no reason to worry about the basic safety of normal childbirth. Since pregnancy is […]

Below is a very lengthy excerpt of my letter to MBC staff Curt Worden, providing crucial background information for the August 7th “Interested Parties” meeting. @@@ Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the scheduled Interested Parties meeting scheduled later this week.  I expect someday professionals and members of the public will be able to provide […]


August 9th, 2005 Members of the California College of Midwives’ believe the three principles identified below are non–negotiable. ONE: The basic human and constitutional right of healthy, mentally competent adult women to make the full range of health care choices that fall within a normal pregnancy, labor and birth cannot be bargained away by either […]


Introduced by Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla on Feb 22nd Most recent up-date ~ 03.21.13 This is the latest version. It is moving through committees of both Houses of the Legislature as we speak. The key to reading ‘mark-up’ language is simple: Text in the color BLACK means ‘no change’ from existing law; BLUE means new and RED means ‘strike-through’ […]


Link back to part 2: How to tell the difference between midwifery care & the idea of ‘performing a delivery’ ~ background & context: part 2 The customary care of a midwife begins by providing prenatal care over the many months of pregnancy and developing a personal relationship with the mother-to-be. During the intrapartum (labor, […]

link back to part 1 ~ Written Testimony-Sunset Review: Do midwives ‘perform deliveries’ plus controversy over mfry assistants Legal distinctions between: * the lawful assistance by California-licensed midwives during a normal childbirth * the obstetrically-based surgical procedure of ‘performing a delivery’ while being assisted by non-credentialed ‘lay’ person during a ‘delivery’ as seen from the perspective […]

The following is an excerpt from my written testimony submitted for the California Legislature’s record relative to the Sunset Review 2013. Feel free to use any part of this in your own written (or oral) testimony. The first hearing will be March 11th, but that will NOT be the end of the -midwifery-related activities of […]