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LINKS to original sources for historically crucial document Section One Copy of CCM letter to CEO of a California hospital  relative to the issue of physician supervision Enclosures for above letter #1  BMJ study on Planned Home Birth, as reported in ObGynNews July 15, 2005 #2  “Cesarean Birth Triples Maternal Death Risk” – CNN report on “Postpartum Maternal Mortality […]

 “Connecting up the Dots” The Conundrum of Obstetrical Supervision of California-licensed Midwives ~ A legal impossibility created and vigorously maintained by organized medicine Historical Background: From the incorporation of California as a state in 1876 until passage of the 1993 Licensed Midwifery Practice Act (LMPA), the traditional (non-medical) practice of midwifery was an independent profession. […]

Please note — The information in this 5-part series is vital to attempts to amend the LMPA, whether by midwives, organized medicine or the Medical board. Due to the important nature of the material I have posted draft versions of all 5 parts and every part needs additional attention. Anyone who wished to take this on (for one […]

The Idea that it was “illegal” for LMs to preceptor midwifery students Late in the spring of 2004 I began to hear a ‘rumor’ that the midwifery program staff person, which at the time was Teri Kizer, was telling people that it was “illegal” for a licensed midwife to have a midwifery student. I dismissed […]


The LMPA set the stage not only for the licensing and practicing of LMs but also for the many facets of midwifery training and the educational relationship between practicing professionals and students of the art and discipline of direct-entry midwifery. The MBC’s Midwifery Licensing Implementation Committee ~ 1994-95 The LMPA identified the MBC as the […]


Compiled from expert testimony provided on March 29th , 2006 by faith Gibson, LM CPM The first area of interest is the implementation and administration of the licensed midwifery program by the Medical Board of California (MBC) from March 1994 to December 2004. The second are the standard practices within the California community of the licensed […]

Scroll to bottom to watch the last half of the Feb 3rd MBC’s Quarterly meeting ~ physicians discussing the proposed Mfry regulations. Continuation of information about proposed mfry regulations: Proposed Reg #2 – Access to necessary medical supplies, prophylactic & emergent drugs The 1993 LMPA modernized the traditional practice of midwifery by incorporating midwifery training that […]

Webcast of the MBC’s Feb 3rd Quarterly Board Meeting – first half of the physician discussion on the two proposed mfry regulations is posted at the bottom of this section. Part 2 – Continued information relative to the Reg. #1, recommending a collaborative relationship between physicians and licensed midwives and Reg.#2, recommending the LMs be […]


 Dear Dr. Bishop ^O^ On behalf of California mothers and midwives, I want to welcome you to the Medical Board. We all look forward to your moral leadership. The March 29th ‘interested parties’ meeting for proposed mfry regulations #1 & 2 was attended by approximately 140 people – consumers, LMs and CNMs and lobbyists for […]