Physician Supervision Issues

link back to part 2-a Our current model of maternity care for healthy women is the product of the historical events already recounted in this document. Over the last 50 years the rate of medical and surgical interventions in normal childbirth has climbed steadily without a comparable improvement in outcome. Each decade new ideas, new drugs, new technologies […]

Link back to part 1:  In 1910 influential obstetrician declined to consider the other excellent models of care available at that time. One of the biggest hindrance to these other options was a systematic bias against women as healthcare practitioners.  The other was their desire to re-invent obstetrics as a stand-alone surgical specialty, which clouded their […]

link back to: “Dr. Bishop tells our story for us — why doctors need to have supervision removed from the LMPA” Editor’s Note: Eventually I will add a bibliography with links from this post to the supporting documents, as well as stand-along excerpts from exceptionally informative resources, such as the results of the 3 different “Listening […]

Dear Ca LMs, The following video is an excerpt from the February 3, 2012 webcast of the Medical Board quarterly meeting. It is short (7 mins total) and addresses three midwifery-related topics. It can be watched as all at once, or shown one by one as specific segments. Its purpose is two-fold. First, its informative for the […]

Link back to part 2: How to tell the difference between midwifery care & the idea of ‘performing a delivery’ ~ background & context: part 2 The customary care of a midwife begins by providing prenatal care over the many months of pregnancy and developing a personal relationship with the mother-to-be. During the intrapartum (labor, […]

link back to part 1 ~ Written Testimony-Sunset Review: Do midwives ‘perform deliveries’ plus controversy over mfry assistants Legal distinctions between: * the lawful assistance by California-licensed midwives during a normal childbirth * the obstetrically-based surgical procedure of ‘performing a delivery’ while being assisted by non-credentialed ‘lay’ person during a ‘delivery’ as seen from the perspective […]

The following is an excerpt from my written testimony submitted for the California Legislature’s record relative to the Sunset Review 2013. Feel free to use any part of this in your own written (or oral) testimony. The first hearing will be March 11th, but that will NOT be the end of the -midwifery-related activities of […]

LINKS to original sources for historically crucial document Section One Copy of CCM letter to CEO of a California hospital  relative to the issue of physician supervision Enclosures for above letter #1  BMJ study on Planned Home Birth, as reported in ObGynNews July 15, 2005 #2  “Cesarean Birth Triples Maternal Death Risk” – CNN report on “Postpartum Maternal Mortality […]

Link to the original historical document A MIDWIFE’S CODE of PRACTICE No 1. — Midwife/Doctor Relationship The Midwives Act, 1951, give statutory recognition to the position of the midwife as a professional practitioners in her own right. The Board consider the responsibilities of the doctor and the midwife are so inter-related and complementary that the […]

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is the regularity body for all nurses and midwives in the UK.  They set standards of education, training, conduct and performance and can investigate those who fall short of the standards. 1 May 2008 The people in your care must be able to trust you with their health and […]