Information for Seated Board Members on the Hx of Ca Midwifery, LMPA, Regs, etc

Mom's Hands, very pregnant belly Three-part “Welcome” letter to Dr. Bishop:
~ info on history of California midwifery, the LMPA of 1993,
Physician Supervision clause & other background material

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Mfry Practice, Standards, Regulations, Disclosure Form, VBAC Protocol:

Business and Professions Code, Sections 2505 – 2521

California Code of Regulations, Sections 1379.1 – 1379.31

Sample Licensed Midwife Disclosure Form

Board-approved Medical Interface Plan w/ Disclosure and Consent form for mfry clients planning OOH childbirth

“Standards of Care for California Licensed Midwives” (September 15, 2005 Edition)

California Code of Regulations – VBAC –  Section 1379.19

California College of Midwives’ formal definition of a “Planned Home/OOH birth” for purposes of statistical studies or tracking of PHB-OOH outcomes

California College of Midwives’ “Incident Report” — instruction in how and why to report any unusual occurrence or ‘incident’ that occurs relative to the LM’s provision of care, including problematic communication btw the LM and hospital personnel or the obstetrician providing care to a transferred OOH mfry client.

Historical Document from the DCA & Medical Board of California:

1. DCA document Gov. Brown’s administration support and advocacy for SB 1896 ~

2. MBC Oral Presentation “Historical Issues in the Implementation of the Licensed Midwifery Practice Act” ~ March 1, 1992, by its author

Dannielle Blackmore, B.S. Columbia University in the City of New York; M.A. University of California, San Francisco; Presented at the First Meeting of the Midwifery Licensing Committee for Implementation of the Licensed Midwifery Practice Act, Division of Licensing, California Medical Board (T. Joas MD, Chair Sacramento

3. Comprehensive History of the MBC’s Licensed Midwifery Program ~ staffing and administration of the~ 1994 through 2008

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Background ~ 1974 Nurse midwifery as origin of the Physician Supervision Clause