Mfry Practice Issues ~ Standards of Care ~ original & updated versions; MBC versions 2006 & 2014


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Rosanna CCM’s 2nd version -51-pages of the “Standard of Care” [2004]

Original Standards of Care for California Licensed Midwives {SCCLM} ~ Sept 15, 2005 [3rd edition] as authorized by SB 1950 (Senator Figueroa, 2002)

Current version of the SCCLM as edited by the MBC after passage of AB 1308 and renamed “Practice Guidelines for California Licensed Midwives” 

California Code of Regulations – VBAC –  Section 1379.19

Board-approved Medical Interface Plan w/ Disclosure and Consent form for mfry clients planning OOH childbirth

Ca LM Alison Price, San Francisco, CA

California College of Midwives’ formal definition of a “Planned Home/OOH birth” for purposes of statistical studies or tracking of PHB-OOH outcomes

California College of Midwives’ “Incident Report” — instruction in how and why to report any unusual occurrence or ‘incident’ that occurs relative to the LM’s provision of care, including problematic communication btw the LM and hospital personnel or the obstetrician providing care to a transferred OOH mfry client.

Physiological Management  ~


Archived info on the development of Ca LM’s Standard of Care prior to current version (2004)  [added 2013]