Report of 08-30-12 Midwifery Advisory Council Meeting

Our meeting today primarily concentrated on the proposed regulations that would increase the ability of licensed midwives to function within our license.  With input from Laurie Gregg, OB/GYN, representing ACOG District 9, the proposed regulations were re-crafted and passed by the Midwifery Advisory Council. They will now be presented to the full Medical Board for consideration at the October 26 meeting in San Diego.

It has been our hope that we would have some changes made to the Licensed Midwife Annual Report before we will have to enter our data for 2012. However, due to computer changes that are going on within the Medical Board, there will be no adjustments made by then. Stay tuned for information about any changes that will be made hopefully next year for data reports of our 2013 statistics.

*Agenda item #7: “Consideration of Nizhoni Institute’s ‘Advanced Placement and Transfer Credit Proposal'” as a topic for the Council’s discussion was withdrawn by Medical Board staff Curt Worden. Mr. Worden said new information required additional time by the Staff before it could be considered. For specific details, watch the webcast of today’s Council meeting. {*Nizhoni info added by faith gibson 0n 09-01-12}

Meanwhile, the 2011 Licensed Midwife Annual Report was presented today. Our overall numbers are up in the state, and all data categories show the same basic similarities that have been true in the first four years’ reports. LMs in California are doing good work in taking care of mothers and babies. We hope that the information contained in these       reports can point the way for us to do even better work in supporting California’s families.

PROPOSED REGULATION 1379.23   Physician Supervision Requirement.

(a) The requirement for physician supervision contained in Section 2507 of the Code is deemed to have been met if the licensed midwife establishes a midwife-directed physician-patient consultation for medical indication. The physician must meet the requirements of section 1379.22.

(b) A physician and surgeon shall not be deemed to have established a business relationship or relationship of agency, employment, partnership, or joint venture with a licensed midwife solely by consulting with or accepting a referral from the licensed midwife.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 2018 and 2507(f), Business and Professions Code. Reference: sSection 2507, Business and Professions Code.

PROPOSED REGULATION 1379.24.  Practice of Midwifery

A licensed midwife shall have the authority, limited to the practice of midwifery as defined in section 2507 of the Code, to obtain and administer immunizing agents, diagnostic tests and devices, and to order laboratory tests. This authority includes, but is not limited to, obtaining and administering intravenous fluids, analgesics, postpartum anti-hemorrhagics, RhoGAM, local anesthesia, oxygen, vitamin K, eye prophylaxis, and family-planning care in accordance with section I.J. of The Standard of Care for licensed midwives.

NOTE: Authority cited: Section 2018, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 2507, Business and Professions Code, and Title 16 Cal. Code Regs. 1379.30.

*The next Mfry Council meeting event will be a Task Force meeting September 13th, 1pm to 4 pm. at the Sacramento office of the Medical Board. LMs and students are interested are urged to attend. 

The purpose is to consider the policies and protocols for the legal provision of clinical training to mfry students who are attending labors and births and pre and postpartum-neonal appointments and make recommendations to the Council, who will eventually make recommendations to the full Board. Carrie Sparrevohn and Faith Gibson will be co-chairing the meeting on behalf of the Council. Karen Ehrlich has graciously volunteered to act as an alternative in case either of other Mfry Council members cannot attend.

The next full meeting of the Council is scheduled for December 6th, 2012; 1pm to 4 pm. All MAC meeting are held at the State office of the Medical Board of California. That address is : 2005 Evergreen, Suite 1200, Sacramento, Ca 95815; main telephone  number is 961.263.2389 {*text added by Faith Gibson, 09.01.12}