Physician Supervision Issues

link to part 2 Amendments and other changes to the LMPA since 1993 In the 19 years since the LMPA was passed, the original black-letter law has been legislatively modified by three amendments authored by Senator Liz Figueroa — SB 1479 ~ 2000, SB 1950 ~ 2003 and SB 1638 ~ 2006, and legally modified by a […]

Link to part 1 Historical background of California midwifery legislation in relation to physician supervision: The 1993 LMPA repealed the original 1917 provision for the state-regulated practice of midwifery by non-medical, non-nurse practitioners. From its implementation in 1918 to the 1981 retirement of the last midwife certified under the original provision, there were 217 direct-entry midwives who […]

Please note — The information in this 5-part series is vital to attempts to amend the LMPA, whether by midwives, organized medicine or the Medical board. Due to the important nature of the material I have posted draft versions of all 5 parts and every part needs additional attention. Anyone who wished to take this on (for one […]

The Idea that it was “illegal” for LMs to preceptor midwifery students Late in the spring of 2004 I began to hear a ‘rumor’ that the midwifery program staff person, which at the time was Teri Kizer, was telling people that it was “illegal” for a licensed midwife to have a midwifery student. I dismissed […]


The LMPA set the stage not only for the licensing and practicing of LMs but also for the many facets of midwifery training and the educational relationship between practicing professionals and students of the art and discipline of direct-entry midwifery. The MBC’s Midwifery Licensing Implementation Committee ~ 1994-95 The LMPA identified the MBC as the […]


Compiled from expert testimony provided on March 29th , 2006 by faith Gibson, LM CPM The first area of interest is the implementation and administration of the licensed midwifery program by the Medical Board of California (MBC) from March 1994 to December 2004. The second are the standard practices within the California community of the licensed […]

LMs have been working under a fatally-flawed physician supervision clause since 1993 (19 years and counting!) and CNMs have been burdened by it since 1974 (38 yrs and counting). A few years ago a third professional group – licensed naturopathic doctors — joined the ranks as providers of physiologically-based maternity care . The law for naturopathic doctors […]

Tags: physician supervision, physiological CB practice vs. obstetrics, ACOG ruling ethical to perform medically unnecessary Cesarean surgery, Ob-GynNews There is much disagreement about the appropriate relationship between physicians and midwives. At the core of the question about the modern role of midwifery is yet another question — what is the right relationship between “modern” medicine and […]